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Some Facts About Berea and the V-12 Program

  • The Navy V-12 program was designed to give officer candidates preliminary training during the World War II. One hundred and thirty-one colleges and universities across the U.S. were selected to take part in the program. Berea College and the University of Louisville were the only institutions in Kentucky that had V-12 students.
  • Berea played host to 790 Navy V-12ers. About 40 of them returned after the war to complete degrees.
  • The V-12ers dominated Berea’s basketball, track and judo teams. Some of the navy personnel that served as coaches were Chiefs Leonard Pickett, Sam Fox, Ed Petro, Jake H. Moser and Charles Cummings.
  • Most V-12ers at Berea were housed in Blue Ridge, Howard and Cumberland Halls. Among the innovations they brought to Berea were dances (other than country dancing) and (gasp!) mixed swimming.